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New South Wales

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Oct 9


There are a number of hotels within 3-10 km of the venue. Here are some options. Distance and travel times to Castle Hill RSL are from Google maps – actual travel times may be longer if traffic is heavier.

It is recommended that you wait until nearer the time to book, and make sure any place you book allows full refund in the event you need to cancel if unexpected personal or other circumstances arise.

Consider hiring a car

If flying into Sydney, then consider hiring a car. This gives you complete freedom to come and go in your own time, with no extra taxi or shuttle costs

  • travel between Sydney Airport and your hotel (50-60 minute drive)
  • travel between your hotel and Castle Hill RSL Club at times to suit you (there is plenty of on site parking)
  • useful for pre- and post- conference tourist time in/near Sydney
  • freedom to choose a hotel to suit you - based on price, hotel standard and location

Our own FHDU team always hires a car. It is convenient and gives us the freedom to choose cost effective accommodation, even 20-30 minutes away if need be.

Consider accommodation near Sydney Metro North West Line

Consider other accommodation near any station along Sydney Metro North West Line. This may be a good option for some locals as well as others who may wish to stay in places close to stations along this line – or maybe even in the Sydney CBD. Trains run every few minutes. The Castle Hill Station is 1.2km from the Castle Hill RSL. Unless you are prepared to walk, a taxi is probably the only way to get from the station to the RSL Club. The club courtesy bus may be able take you to the station after 6pm.

Consider sharing with others

If there are others you know who are attending, then sharing a car can reduce costs significantly.

You might also consider share accommodation. There are many two- and three-bedroom apartment hotels nearby. Or you may be able to secure a holiday house you can share with others.


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