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Nov 1

FHDU 2022 live stream - a great option if you can't attend in-person

If you can't attend FHDU 2022 in-person then FHDU 2022 LIVE STREAM is a great alternative option. It will be similar in many ways to the 4-day FHDU 2021 virtual conference. See below for a some of the feedback from FHDU 2021. FHDU 2022 LIVE STREAM will be even better.

  • Professionally live streamed (not Zoom webinars)
  • All that the in-person event offers less the in-person experience — and the catering and travel costs
  • 24 main theatre presentations given live online over the 4 days, not pre-recorded
  • Watch up to 52 more online at your convenience before and after the conference — up to the end of February 2023
  • Entry into the $12,000 prize draw
  • Virtual exhibition and special offers - to the end of February 2023
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook discussion hub - interact with speakers, sponsors and other attendees before, during and after the conference
  • Option to choose one or more days/tracks
  • Option to upgrade to the in-person if you decide later to do so — for just the cost difference

Facebook discussion hub


The Facebook groups [discussion hubs] were awesome  — Thistle Anderson

These were a real hit at FHDU 2021 - an innovation unique as far as we know to FHDU. Hundreds of questions and comments were posted and answered by speakers and others with expertise, unconstrained by a 5-10 minute chance at the end of a live presentation.


  • Open to all who book for FHDU 2022 - in-person, live stream or recordngs only
  • Most speakers will participate during the 4-day conference and perhaps before and/or after for a time
  • A single hub (Facebook group) for all tracks - not 4 as at FHDU 2021
  • No limit to the number of questions you can ask - unlike a brief Q&A at the end of a presentation
  • Anyone with expertise can answer questions - speakers, exhibitors or attendees
  • The ideal place for you to give feedback to speakers on their presentations

What virtual attendees said about FHDU 2021

A small sample of hundreds of positive comments

This is one of the best virtual conferences I have participated in. I especially like being able to participate “live” [i.e. the discussion hubs]. It makes it so much more realistic. Well done team! — Thistle Anderson
Yes, I ditto Thistle’s comment - this is a great additional feature to a seminar. Thank you to the FHDU team. — Bobbie Edes
So far this has been fabulous. Excellent presentations and the program has been put together very well. Having this FB option [the discussion hubs] is great for comments, questions and connecting more generally. Good to have the time breaks between each session as well. Thank you to everyone involved in putting this together for us. — Ann Peut
It’s fabulous and the work behind the scenes is prodigious. — Michelle Wilson
I’ve been watching the Methodology series. Getting a bit overwhelmed with all the new and exciting information and ideas. I need to live another 50 years to put it all into practice. One step at a time, I guess. — Ross Hansen
Thank you just does not seem enough for all the inspiration and pleasure you have brought this past week. Bravo, congrats, kudos and hugs. AWESOME JOB. — Jenny Thomson
Dear Reader, It is done.
All my 55+ chosen talks have been watched, copious notes taken, websites bookmarked, handouts saved for future reference and SO MUCH learned.  
Heartfelt thanks to Alan Phillips and family and the amazingly generous and learned presenters.  You did it.
From ice age to sewerage, Tithes to tattoos, GPS to GPS!
A more comprehensive suite of materials and topics could not be imagined!
If there is ever an opportunity to meet in person for another FHDU, which I hope for, I would still be hopeful that all seminars could be  viewed at our leisure in the months following, as this has allowed us to properly digest all that has been imparted by our speakers.  
Now, back to the Tree!!! - Anna Pegler Graves (Facebook group post)

If you do not wish, or can't afford, to travel to the FHDU 2022 conference at Castle Hill, then the live stream option is a great way to enjoy most of the benefits this conference offers.


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