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New South Wales

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Sep 12

Getting there and getting around

Castle Hill is the opposite side of the city to the airport, nearly an hour away by car. Here are some ways to get there and get around.

Car – expensive if you are on your own, but if you can share with others it significantly reduces the per-person cost and allows maximum flexibility with travel times. Click here for current hire rates. There is ample parking at Castle Hill RSL Club (conference venue).

Taxi – expensive if you are on your own, but as with car hire, sharing with others significantly reduces the per-person cost. Current (Sep 2022) fare estimate examples (1300cabs)

  • airport to Hills Lodge hotel, Castle Hill
    - sedan 1-4 people AU$108-AU$134
    - maxi taxi 1-11 people - AUS161-$198
  • Hills Lodge hotel to conference venue
    - sedan 1-4 people AU$14-AU$18
    - maxi taxi 1-11 people - AUS20-AU$25

Shuttle bus – as with taxis, sharing with others lowers the cost significantly (per person). See example Hills Airport Shuttle. Approximate costs (Sep 2022) - $95 for one person plus $AU15 for each extra person.

Train – information given by Louise Coakley ... "for DNA Down Under in 2019, I used the train service from the airport to Castle Hill and back again. The train station is down the escalators below the airport, and although it required changing trains twice (city + one other), it was quite straight forward (I had never done it before). I bought an Opal card, topped it up, tapped on at each station with card or phone (you can monitor your card balance & top-up via the phone app too). At Castle Hill station I got a taxi to the accommodation.

In general, the most cost-effective way to get to/from Castle Hill and get to/from the venue is probably to share a hire car or taxi. If on your own, the train option noted above may be the best option.

  • Hotel to/from the conference venue - if you are staying at the same hotel as other attendees you should be able to share a taxi
  • Castle Hill to the airport - we can probably help (at the conference) to connect you with others going to the airport at approximately the same time Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday


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