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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a range of common questions people have.


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New South Wales

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Booking Questions

What is the cost?

Attend in person - all 4 tracks AU$595

Virtual Plus - all 4 tracks) AU$395

Virtual Basic - all 4 tracks AU$295 - single track AU$99

Can I add one or more tracks to my booking (Virtual Basic option)?

If you have booked a single track and want to add one more, just do a new/additional booking. If you want to upgrade to all 4 tracks, email us at We will give you a promo code to discount the bundle by the amount you have already paid

Single day/track bookings are not available for the in-person and Virtual Plus options

What if I have to cancel a booking?

Cancellations by 31 July 2022 - full refund of fee paid

Cancellations 1 August to 25 October 2022- fee paid less AU$100
(you still get access to any pre-conference recorded presentations)

An alternative to cancellation - convert the in-person event to Virtual Plus or Virtual Basic - up to 1 November 2022- with a refund of the cost difference.


Recording Questions

What presentations will be recorded?

All presentations given at the event as well as other sponsored and other presentations supplied as recordings only. All sponsored recordings will be included in every track package. Workshops will not be recorded.

When will the recordings be available to book for and how long will they be available to view?

Recordings are included in all participation options - In-Person, Virtual Plus and Virtual Basic. All are open for pre-booking now. Virtual Basic will remain open to book (purchase access to) after the event until 31 January 2023. Bonus recordings will be available as released progressively in the lead up to the conference. All recordings will continue to be available to view online until 28 February 2023.

What will the recordings cost?

Access to recordings is included at no extra cost for those attending In person or Virtual Plus.

Recordings are also available as a no-frills Virtual Basic package as a complete set and as individual tracks, as follows:

  • Mega-bundle - $295 (all four tracks for less than the price of 3)
  • DNA: Genetic research - $99
  • Researching abroad - $99
  • Australia & New Zealand - $99
  • Methodology & General - $99

The cost is the same whether pre-booked or booked later - up to 31 January 2023

Can I share the recordings with others?

Unfortunately, we have to say no. Recordings are licensed for personal use only - to you and your immediate family. They are available for online viewing only. They must not be viewed in a public or group environment. A unique access code is given to every person. Copyright ownership remains with the presenter.


Travel and Venue Questions


There are a number of hotels within 3-10 km of the venue. Click here for more details

  • Morning and afternoon tea – included with admission. Details to be advised.
  • Lunch – included with admission. Details to be advised.
  • 3 separate rooms will be used for serving food and drink
  • Special dietary requirements – can be requested on the booking form
Getting there and getting around

Castle Hill is the opposite side of the city to the airport, nearly an hour away by car. We will do more checking on options, but here is some guide:

  • car – expensive if you are on your own, but if you can share with others it significantly reduces the per-person cost and allows maximum flexibility with travel times. Click here for some current rates. There is ample parking at Castle Hill RSL Club
  • taxi – expensive if you are on your own, but as with car hire, sharing with others significantly reduces the per-person cost. Click here to get a guide to taxi fares. Enter Sydney airport as the pickup location and the hotel you will be staying at as the destination. Similarly enter your hotel as the start and Castle Hill RSL Club as the destination as a guide to getting to/from the conference venue. This also has a good map showing Sydney and the route for travelling to Castle Hill
  • shuttle bus – we will get more information on this, but an individual fare is likely to be around AU$100 or more
  • bus and train – we need to get more information on this, but click here for an interesting site which shows multiple ways to get to Castle Hill

We will check out the possibility of getting a charter bus for transfers from our hotel to the venue. If this is possible (and cheaper than taxi sharing) we may do so from the main hotel used by our own team and key speakers for getting to Castle Hil RSL Club in the morning.


General Questions

Will COVID-19 rules impact FHDU 2022?

Most restrictions are now lifted. However, some restrictions and precautions may still apply with airline travel and at the conferenc venue

For those still hesitant to travel, the planned Virtual Plus and Virtual Basic options offer excellent ways to experience most what FHDU 2022 will offer - with the significant bonus of savings on travel, accommodation and catering costs.

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